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The best Easy Card Tricks in the world

Keen to find some easy card tricks to impress your friends with? Easy card tricks will be by far the best way to amaze your family, friends and collages instantly just look at the options available online. Magic card tricks are in more demand than ever there popularity soaring because of young up and coming star magicians Troy and Dynamo the first that spring to mind, before that  David Blaine was and still is the fore front of easy card tricks due to he’s famous card throwing card trick from across the street.

David Blaine amazing magic card throwing trick skillz

Amazing skillz, you to could also amaze your audience with the right knowledge under your belt,  this card trick this has to be my favourite easy card trick, very simple and easy to execute:

I’ve looked at a lot of easy magic card tricks and this one is one of the best. I’ve never seen it published anywhere. Insanely easy to learn for of beginners and it never fails to impress.

This is a basic “find a card” trick or effect. However, there’s no preparation and you can use any deck of cards.

Easy magic card trick Effect:
A spectator selects a card and you find it. At its simplest, the spectator’s card can be discovered on the top of the deck. Or you can use any “reveal” that you wish from simply showing the spectator’s selected card on the top of the deck to the “Rising Card.”

You can watch a video of the trick here (It’s combined with the “Rising Card” trick and a false cut.)

Source (http://magic.about.com/) youtube.

Easy Card Magic Trick: How to Levitate or Float a Playing Card

Here’s a visual trick where you make a playing card apparently float over your hand – you’re breaking the laws of gravity. This one is easy and it happens courtesy of a gimmick that you’ll learn to make through step-by-step instructions.

The Magnetic Hand

Here’s an easy card trick where cards mysteriously stick to your hand – just as if you are magnetic. It’s a refreshing departure for a card trick that’s not the usual “find a card” plot. You’ll find that this one is easy to learn and perform and it relies on a clever gimmick that we show you how to make.

The Spelling Easy Card Trick

I think that this is one of the very best card magic card tricks for a beginner to learn and perform. It’s easy and requires no sleight of hand and the revelation where you spell to a spectator’s freely chosen card is baffling and has impact. Furthermore, this is one that I performed for family and friends when I was first starting out in magic. If you’re new to magic, I think it can serve you well.

The Simple Monte – Version 2

Here’s a great easy card magic trick that’s based on the Monte. You show three cards and ask spectators to remember the middle card. You slowly remove the middle card and lay it face down onto the table. When you turn the card over, it’s a different card. This one is easy to learn and perform so it.

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